Teaching with Technology Blog~Using Technology to Enhance Your College Teaching

The technology I will use will be the Interactive White Boards. (IWB) Using Interactive White Boards in the classroom can enhance learning for students. “Student motivation and engagement in the learning process increased in a 2011 study when studying with the Interactive White Boards” (Manny, Tikochinski, Zorman, & Dagan, 2011). Educators need to be trained how to use them so that they are not overwhelmed with the process” (Manny, Tikochinski, Zorman, & Dagan, 2011)


How Will I Use the Interactive White Boards?

I will use the Interactive White boards to demonstrate how to:

Make lesson plans

Classroom arrangements strategies

Assessment strategies –

How to write EALRS

Show video to demonstrate classroom management

Organizational Strategies

Behavioral Strategies

How to Collect Data for Assessment

 The benefits and challenges of this technology for engaging my students.

The benefits of the Interactive White Board are numerous. Using Interactive White Boards can significantly enhance interactive learning. However, if you do not know how to use them you cannot hold the attention of your students. The following are useful tips for using white boards:

  1. Use Space Wisely- too many details can be a distraction.
  2. Avoid Dead Time-Be prepared and have educational information ready.
  3. Mixed Media- it’s important to use a variety of media. Picture, video, overhead, doc camera. It’s important to have these tools available and ready. “One of the more creative ways to mix media may be projecting an image onto a white board and writing upon the image” (Orlander,2007).

Tip 4- Always write large legibly and with visible color.

Tip 5- Case based discussions and limit transcription. Build on the teaching points you already have.

Tip 6-Write on the board yourself. As the educator, you are trained to use the Interactive White Board. Have students or audience members point, read or move with their fingers. Tips 7-Use arrows, circles, lines and lists. Make sure to keep an organized board.

Tip 8- Build structure into your lists. “Use the tool of the board to facilitate teaching. Being creative and varying the presentation approach” (Orlander,2007).

Tip 9-Organize concepts by orchestrating the board. “The knowledge structure is built upon the board together with the group, and offers a visual representation of the cognitive links to be developed in the learners”. (Orlander,2007. P.27). According to (Orlander,2007. P.27) Using these tips can greatly increase your positive outcomes using the Interactive White Board.


 How I May Use This Technology to Further Engage My Students.

I will use this technology to engage my student by teaching them how to use the technology for themselves. I will assist them with being able to use the skills they learn in student teacher training and take what they learn and use it in their own classrooms.


Refection on Blogging

2 benefits ~ Two Benefits I have learned from Blogging are: 1. I can gain valuable insight from my classmates. 2. That although it makes me uneasy to have my words and thoughts on-line I do gain understanding and views from others.

2 Challenges ~ of blogging for me are that it is new to me and I am not very good at it. It takes me a lot of time to figure out how to post my assignments. It then takes me a lot of time to figure out how to respond to my classmates. I can’t always find my link or my classmates links because they don’t always seem to work.



Manny-Ikan, E. e., Tikochinski, T. t., Zorman, R. r., & Dagan, O. o. (2011). Using the Interactive White Board in Teaching and Learning – An Evaluation of the SMART CLASSROOM Pilot Project. Interdisciplinary Journal Of E-Learning & Learning Objects7249-273

Orlander J. J (2007). Twelve Tips for use of a white board in clinical teaching. Reviving the chalk talk. Medical Teacher, P. 29(2/3). 89-92. Doi 10.1080/01421590701287913

2 thoughts on “Teaching with Technology Blog~Using Technology to Enhance Your College Teaching

  1. Hi Allison,
    You are doing a great job with your blog! Remember, in a previous post we were talking about Flipped Classrooms? Well, in our learning MD 4 resources here is a great link that goes into great detail about Flipped Classrooms:

    Educause. (2012). 7 Things you should know about… flipped classrooms. Retrieved from http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/eli7081.pdf

    This article provides an overview of the flipped classroom instructional strategy. Also, thank you for sharing your educational strategies to enhance college teaching. One thing that really struck a point with me is how you would use mixed-media in the classroom. Mixed-media is a cool tool because it breaks up the dullness of traditional lecturing and offers more visual effects as it relates to the subject matter. Once again, thanks for sharing and great job with your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes! I do remember. I like the ideas behind the flipped classroom concepts. Sometimes I wonder if it is n old concept called “homework” with a new name? It is effective if students do their work at home and come to class pre- pared. You do get a lot more done. There is a foundation ready and you can go off and have discussions and do projects. What are your thoughts?
    As far as the media I love using media in the class room. I found that it can add to lectures and curriculum. I have also found that if it fails for some reason you have to think fast on your feet and be prepared to go old school with white boards, drawings, pen, paper, whatever you have. What kinds of technology do you use?
    Thank you.


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