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For this assignment, I have chosen to use Twitter as my technology.

  • Twitter can be used in a variety of ways. For my purpose, I would use it to stay in contact with my student teaching cohorts. I would make a small Twitter group and use it to stay in contact. Student teachers could quickly check in at the beginning or end of the day with quick questions or concerns.


  • Benefits of using Twitter are that it is a far reaching back channel. It can be used for small groups or in very large groups. It can be used for teaching. “Any school or classroom can begin using Twitter as an important part of the learning process. To help the beginners out, we’ve developed a list of educational hashtags that can be used by teachers and students who are looking to connect beyond the classroom” (Mull B, and November A, Oct 2012. P. 1).


Popular Hashtags

  1. #lrnchat (social media and education)
  2. #edchat
  3. #blendchat (blended learning)
  4. #mlearning
  5. #elearning
  6. #ipadchat
  7. #pbl/#pblchat (project-based learning)
  8. #passiondriven
  9. #ntchat (for new teachers)
  10. #gbl (game-based learning, from serious games and
  11. simulations to video games and more)
  12. #edtech (education technology)
  13. #ukedchat
  14. #edtech
  15. #elearning
  16. #mlearning
  17. #web20
  18. #flipclass
  19. #edchat
  20. #BYOD(Bring Your Own Device)
  21. #iPaded(iPads in education)
  22. #EdApps(education and learning apps
  23. #k12
  24. #cpchat
  25. #highered
  26. #21stedchat
  27. #whatischool
  28. #profdev (for professional development)
  29. #bullying #cybersafety. (for PSA of bullying and cyber safety
  30. #scichat (to record local water health levels)


  • Challenges to using Twitter are that it is yet another technology that one must be responsible for checking into each day. “Unfortunately, many students do not see the educational value of a tool they might be using every day”(Mull B, and November A, Oct 2012. P. 1). Educators need to make it an authentic experience.


  • I will use Twitter within my discipline to assist with the following:

Encourage students during their student teacher training and when they start their internship.

I will use Twitter to help my students with any questions they may have regarding implementing instructions.

I will use Twitter to assist my students in classroom management issues, data collection, grading, meeting with parents, technology questions, or any number of questions that they may have as a rookie teacher.


  • I will use Twitter to foster student engagement daily by checking in with my students. I will send out a tweet to check on my students asking how everyone is and asking a check in question. Students will be required to respond by the end of the day using a hashtag such as #tautengwIWB. (only the group must be able to read it) I will remind students that they can send a private question to the message box if they would like to or the open messages.

I will also encourage my students to try using some of the hashtags for education

  • The strategies I will use to implement and sustain this technology in my teaching.
  • The strategies I will use will be to give everyone in the student teaching block or group the same twitter group address. I will give my students a basic list of rules that the group will be asked to abide by. Students will be asked to check in at least once a day.

I will commit to using Twitter for a semester with my first group of students as a pilot test. I will commit to checking in once to twice a day during the week days and once on Saturday. I will answer questions in order of importance i.e. if someone needs something right away I will answer it quickly. I will let my students know I will check the in box on Saturday but not on Sunday so we can all have a day of rest.





Mull B, and November A, Oct 2012, November Learning.com. How Twitter Can Be Used as a Powerful Educational Tool Retrieved From: http://novemberlearning.com/educational-resources-for-educators/teaching-and-learning-articles/how-twitter-can-be-used-as-a-powerful-educational-tool


Twitter, 2017. Teach Thought the Complete Guide to Twitter Hashtags for Education.

Retrieved From: http://www.teachthought.com/twitter-hashtags-for-teacher/


3 thoughts on “~Blog ~ Teaching with Technology Sustaining Technology Use

  1. Alison,
    Thank you for your blog post, it actually gave me more help than I would have guessed. You see, I do not know much about hashtags or twitter. In fact, before using your hashtag right now, I thought they were just search titles. I now know they are for twitter haha… Anyway, I looked at the one you listed as a resource for new teachers. There were several posts from seasoned teachers giving strategies or advice. This was so nice to read, since I am just starting out as 1st grade teacher. I think it was indeed a resource and was pretty awesome. I am glad you choose twitter as a resource because I would have otherwise never known about it. Thank you for sharing Alison, and I hope you are safe with all the weather you are having. Have a wonderful weekend,


  2. Hi Allison,
    Your blog is so wonderful and informational. I really appreciate the information about using Twitter and sustaining technology use. As a matter of fact, I was unaware that Twitter could be implemented into curriculum. You have provided so much valuable information and I will certainly integrate it into my curriculum. Because of your blog, I now know how to use hashtags as it relates to small and large classroom group connections. Thanks a lot!


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