Using Technology to Foster & Assess Student Learning

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~Using Technology to Foster & Assess Student Learning~

The two different types of technology I chose to Foster and Assess Student Learning are: Instagram and Pinterest

For Instagram, I will have students use the App for creative writing prompts. They will take pictures and post what their writing theme will be. Then they will write daily short stories that coincide with their photos. To have students categorize photos on Instagram they will use hashtags.

To engage Student learning, I will have students take at least 1 picture a day and write a sentences and hash tag about what the picture means to them. The hash tag should tag the teacher in it as well. This should continually keep students and teacher engaged together in conversation and collaboration.

To assess student learning I will give the students a rubric of what they will need to complete for the semester. They can check off their accomplishments as they go and discuss anything with the teacher as they see fit.

As the teacher, I will assess students work weekly on Instagram & Pinterest and in the classroom. I will assess using a rubric, clipboard assessment, attendance, and participation.

Other Instagram Ideas that can be easily used in classroom are listed below-

  • Creative writing prompts
  • Photo essays
  • A day in the life
  • Geometric shapes
  • Geographic features
  • Locations tied to local history
  • Daily meals
  • Weather patterns
  • A local current event
  • Local Tourism

Using Pinterest, I will have student teachers pick topics that interest them first making a list. Then I will have them create their site and make their boards.  On Pinterest, they will group their boards by subject.  Such as:

  • Organizing the Classroom
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Classroom Management
  • Grade Levels
  • Office
  • Holidays

(NOTE) It’s important to note when assigning any technology project, keep in mind that not all students may have access to the technology or (to Instagram) at home and other arrangements should be made for those students (LaPonsie, M. 2013).


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3 thoughts on “Using Technology to Foster & Assess Student Learning

  1. Alison,
    I thought your blog on Instagram and Pinterest was interesting. I think you really thought out of the box on this one by having students pick topics from Pinterest. I have zero experience with Instagram and have seen a Pinterest page once when my mother was looking for some ideas on recipes. I am soooooo behind the learning curve with technology. I think I will have to try a new form of technology myself every month, which is a stretch for me. As I type this considering trying technology once a month I feel like I may or may not get to it. However, I will go ahead and give it a try. I’ll start with Pinterest, haha.. I will tell you one thing I liked and one thing I did not like as much.
    Ok, I spent way too much time on that site! So, while visiting Pinterest it seemed like a bunch of pictures to look at, but had so many ideas. There was a lot I liked and when I tried to hit the save button, it would change my current page to a new one with a bunch of new stuff. I really did not like this because there was one shelving idea I really liked and did not save and now, cannot find it. Nevertheless, this site was addicting and I did like it. What is with the Pinterest browser button? Is it something you need to download? I said no because I am old fashioned and don’t like downloading anything on my computer from the net. In the end, I was a little lost on there but can see how it would be beneficial for everyday life and probably expensive because I want to do all the things I saw. Thank you for sharing your Pinterest idea, this was fun for me and I want to look more when I am not so busy. Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Katrina,
      Your response made me laugh it was so genuine. Yes, Pinterest can be addictive, educational and fun. I have used it for several years now. I’ve lost count. It has changed over time and in the past year or so they made some changes that many “Pinners” have found have made it more difficult. I make educational boards to organize my ideas, thoughts and plans. I also make boards on topics to use later or boards for subjects. I have been asked to make boards for other people which is fun also. The recipe boards are great you can plan holiday meals, share them with a click with friends or family or pull them up at the grocery store. If your store doesn’t have wifi take a screen shot.
      You can also make secret boards for holidays, birthdays, anniversary’ and add your spouse or significant other on as well. The possibilities are endless with this site. Integrating it into teaching student teachers for me is not a tall order.
      Instagram can also be used in numerous ways.
      Thank you for your response. Have a great weekend.


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