Teaching with Technology Blog Wrap Up

Teaching with Technology

Blog Wrap Up

  • Two insights into technology that inspired me were using Instagram and Twitter in the classroom.
  • The thought of being able to use Twitter with college level students as a back channel to communicate and stay in contact seems like a great idea. I do realize that an instructor would have to put guideline in place and use a closed group to protect not only the privacy of oneself but also the students. I think it could be a positive attribute to keep students interested, on task, and motivated to communicate with their teacher. “Educators in a variety of disciplines are integrating Twitter into their courses. Twitter is being used as a back-channel in large lecture classrooms to allow students to engage in discussions and extend their learning outside of the classroom” (Evans, 2014).


  • Using Instagram for college students or for grades 2-12 I will have students use the App for creative writing prompts. (it could also be used for art, science, history) They will take pictures and post what their writing theme will be. As the teacher you could adapt the lessons to the students learning ability. Then they will write daily short stories that coincide with their photos. To have students categorize photos on Instagram they will use hashtags. To engage Student learning, I will have students take at least 1 picture a day and write a sentences and hash tag about what the picture means to them. The hash tag should tag the teacher in it as well. This should continually keep students and teacher engaged together in conversation and collaboration.



  • Two insights related to andragogy that inspired me are that I believe most adult learners want to know how to use technology. Take Instagram for example. I took some time and showed my mom in her sixties and friend in her fifties how to use the app and they learned it quickly. My step dad loves using Facebook. Sometimes he gets confused with the updates and privacy settings. It usually only takes a minute or two and patient direction and most any person can figure out how and what to do. Using these applications or others in the classroom with adult learners can be applied the same. Take step by step directions and show students how to use the technology.


  • I will incorporate these insights into my future teaching by knowing that most everyone is either a digital native or a digital immigrant. I myself am a little of both. Knowing this will help me to be more patient with students and help guide them to whichever track they need to be on. Also asking for technical support is important when you need assistance.




Evans, C. (2014). Twitter for teaching: Can social media be used to enhance the process of learning? British Journal of Educational Technology, 45, 902–915. doi:10.1111/bjet.12099 Freire, P. (1998). Pedagogy of freedom: Ethics, democracy, and courage. Lanham,


LaPonsie, Maryalene,  2013. Picture This: 5 Ways Teachers Can Use Instagram in the Classroom

Retrieved From: http://www.emergingedtech.com/2013/03/picture-this-5-ways-teachers-can-use-instagram-in-the-classroom/


2 thoughts on “Teaching with Technology Blog Wrap Up

  1. Allison:

    The idea of providing step-by-step instructions for anyone in order to give direction on technology is a great idea. I think that this is something instructors can often overlook. In my own teaching practice, when I assign a new technology, I try to find a YouTube video that takes people through a process step-by-step. I find that this eliminates a lot of the questions I get in class about how to do A, B, or C with a technology.

    I think you are right that adult learners do want to use technology. My adult students used to be much more hesitant about trying technology, but since they’re the ones who can afford the gadgets, they usually have the newest stuff to try out. It’s neat to see this evolution happen within my career.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

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    1. Annette, I think you have some great point as well. I like your idea of using the You tube video to show students demonstrations. You are also correct about the adult learners being about to afford the gadgets. I had a learner who walked right in and bought and iphone with 1,000 cash but did not know how to use it, They were so swell with teaching her how to learn. She was intent on learning how to communicate with her family. It is wonderful to see the evolution happen. Thank you for sharing.


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